The emerging trend for watch brands to categorize their collections in terms of size rather than by gender is a positive development that can only lead to better marketing and better design decisions within the industry. It means women can now wear state-of-the-art technology and great designs without being made to feel they are poaching men’s collections. Any woman who has ever endured the condescension of salesmen who try to steer her toward the “women’s” showcases in stores will understand this. It also means that if women want a smaller version of a great watch, they are more likely to find it now, as brands embrace the multiple-size approach within collections. By the same token, it’s a positive development for men who prefer a smaller size, either for physical or style reasons, but would prefer not to approach the “women’s” showcases. In many ways, the term “unisex” is the safest way to go, with multiple sizes for single models, rounding out the options for everyone. The following watches, released at Watches and Wonders, range in size from 38mm to 44mm, and though some might be perceived strictly as men’s watches, these pieces seem just as likely to turn up on women’s wrists. Let’s call them “unisex.” It’s all about sharing.