Jagannath Temple

The Sri Jagannath Temple is a revered Hindu temple that is situated in Baripada in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. Dedicated to the Lord of the Universe, or Lord Jagannath (since ‘Jagat’ means world and ‘Nath’ means lord of), the temple witnesses an inflow of a large number of pilgrims throughout the year.┬áThe temple is also known as the second Srikhetra of Orissa and boasts of being one of the oldest temples of Orissa. The Rathyatra that takes place here is also a grand affair and is the second largest after the Puri Rath Yatra. At the same time, the rituals and practices that are followed at the temple are unique and revolutionary.

In the Baripada Rathyatra, women devotees are given more priority, and they are allowed to pull Maa Subhadra Ratha. This distinguishing feature separates the Sri Jagannath Temple from the remaining ones and attracts a large number of female worshippers from neighbouring areas as well. Also known as Bada Jagannath, the Sri Jagannath Temple is a beautiful 700-year-old structure that is situated at a distance of 270 feet to the south-east of the Rasikaraya temple.

The temple is believed to have been built by Raja Harihara Bhanja, who was also the founder of the capital city and is considered to be as one of the most auspicious pilgrimage spots for the devotees to visit and seek blessings. The aura and vibes at the Sri Jagannath Temple are filled with tranquillity and peace, and fill the devotee with utmost sincere dedication and spirituality. This is why a visit to this grand temple is unparalleled and unique.